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Midway Car Rental

Known for an unforgettable world-class experience from some of the best car rental personnel out there, Midway Car Rental expected nothing less than world-class for their signage. 


Providing over forty years of quality personalized service, brand new cars, and competitive pricing, Midway Car Rental is the largest privately owned independent car rental company in Southern California. Midway’s vision to translate this full circle brought them to FXcvi where FX’s team conceptualized and produced exactly the standard they envisioned. The sleek aesthetic of the push through blade sign along side the push through suspended walkway sign immediately contests to the quality of service awaiting you just inside the doors. 

Photographer - FXcvi

Site - 6151 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Scope - Custom Signage Design, Fabrication, & Installation

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